2018 Ford Raptor Front Bumpers

Looking for something different for your 2018 Ford Raptor? Just like with previous generations, the 2018 model is no different. These Raptors are some of Ford’s most capable trucks right off the showroom floor but just like with anything in life, there’s always room for improvement and that includes exterior upgrades such as these 2018 Raptor front bumpers.

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RaptorParts.com has some of the largest selection of off-road bumpers to custom fit your vehicle including the brand new 2018 Raptor. From an exterior stand point, Ford made minimal changes so all the manufacturers we carry on this site offering 2017 products will carry over to this new truck.You’ll find popular options here from Addictive Desert Designs and many more. Protect your investment and look good at the same time with our 2018 Ford Raptor Front Bumpers.

Features and benefits

No matter where your Raptor loyalties are, we carry bumpers for everyone. Our bumpers combine functionality and aesthetics and give you the look you’re exactly looking for. You also have plenty of options to choose from. We currently carry five 2018 Ford Raptor Front Bumpers ranging from a sleek and subtle look all the way to something that looks aggressive and stands out to turn heads as you drive by. While the new Raptors are ready for any terrain or off-road trial, it’s also good to protect your investment and add that extra layer of protection while looking bad ass at the same time.

Our featured bumper and #1 seller is the Stealth Fighter Front Bumper from Addictive Desert Designs. The is the tightest fitting and most aggressive 2018 Ford Raptor front bumper currently on the market. This bumper only measures .5” further from the grille than the factory bumper so it can still give you a tight fitted steel plated designed bumper.

Other features include:

  • Winch Mount option
  • Modern radius plate design
  • Universal center light mount. Can mount up to 10 cube lights or a 40” straight/radius LED.
  • Reinforced Clevis Mounts (designed to accept 3/4” D-Rings)


All the bumpers we carry are designed to be installed at home with ease and are 100% Bolt-on without much hassle. All the bumpers come with installation instructions and work best with another person helping you. If you happen to lose the instructions, don’t sweat, all of our installation guides can also be found on our website via PDFs.

Incomparable Customer Care

RaptorParts.com has everything you need to protect and upgrade your Raptor. Deciding which bumper to go with or deciding which lighting option to use? How does the Universal Lighting Mount work? Drop us a line at [email protected] or ping us on social and we’ll be glad to help.