2021 Ford Raptor – Difference Between Gen 3 vs Gen 2

2021 Ford Raptor vs 2017 - 2020 Ford Raptor, specs and information

2021 Ford Raptor

On February 3rd, Ford Motor Company released the first press release and video footage of the 2021 Ford Raptor (also known as the third gen Raptor). The second-generation Raptor ran from 2017-2020 and had some big leaps in technology over the first generation (which ran from 2010-2014). The most notable difference is that the 2017 introduced the 3.5l V6 twin turbocharged engine, which made more power than the 6.2l that came in the first generation. Now its time to take a look at what big improvements the 2021 Ford Raptor will bring.

2021 Ford Raptor Engine

As previously stated, 2017 marks the year that the 3.5l twin turbocharged V6 landed in the Raptor. The Raptor had higher power ratings over the F150 with the same engine. For the 2021 release, Ford has mentioned that there are updates to the 3.5l but doesn’t go into details about what those improvements are or what kind of power increase we will see. They do make it clear that there will be more low-end torque at the very least.

Another exciting announcement is that a Raptor R is expecting to be unveiled next year. The Raptor R has been confirmed by Ford Performance’s social media posts to have a V8 engine option. It is not clear which V8 or if it is naturally aspirated/supercharged/turbocharged, but there is at least clarity from believable sources that a V8 is coming.

2021 Ford Raptor Suspension

For everyone wondering, this is the big difference. The 2021 Raptor comes with trailing arms and a five-link rear suspension setup. This is a large improvement over the leaf spring setup they have had in the past. While the numbers only give a 1” increase in travel, the ride quality and overall performance gain should be better than that number suggests.

The other big improvement here is a new generation of Fox Shocks. While it may not be the biggest increase, the diameter has gone up to 3.1” and live valve active adjustments have been retained and refined. The front end of this truck also has a full inch of travel over the previous generation.

2021 Ford Raptor Interior

If you were looking for a second big difference between the generations, this would be it. The interior boasts a 12” landscape oriented main screen for the entertainment system plus a options for a fully digital gauge cluster. Within this entertainment system, there are options for wireless control over vehicle parameters using a mobile device app called FordPass.

Higher trims will also see carbon inserts and upgraded seats. Recaro has provided high level seats with suede inserts and orange stitching.

2021 Ford Raptor Specs

2017-2020 Ford Raptor2021 Ford Raptor
Engine3.5L V6 Twin Turbocharged3.5L V6 Twin Turbocharged
Horsepower450Unreleased but Rumored to be Higher
Torque510Unreleased but Rumored to be Higher
Transmission10 Speed SelectShiftFord-Built 10 Speed
Front Suspension Travel13”14”
Rear Suspension Travel14”15”
ShocksFox 3.0” Live ValveFox 3.1” Live Valve
Tire Size315/70/R17 (35” Diameter)37” Diameter (Exact Size Unreleased)
Towing Capacity8,000lbs8,200lbs

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